Ratier L7/8 750cc (1957)

This beautiful renovated Ratier 750 is one of the last built by the famous French manufacturer. It is modelled on the BMW and much favoured by the French government and the Police.

This rare survivor (Frame 3719 with original engine 3714) was delivered to the French CRS on 20 December 1957, imported to the UK some years ago by a collector and recently registered as 430 XVB. The engine is a side-valve opposed twin driving the rear wheel by shaft. It is beautifully engineered and has been totally rebuilt with a new crank and bench tested but not used in the Frame. It has excellent compression on kick over. It comes with some details on Ratier Bikes, a certificate of recognition from the VMCC and the V5. The Ratier Club in France is aware of the bike and have provided information to the previous owner. It is currently coated with Duck oil for preservation purposes and is in very good condition. More pictures available.


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Ratier L7/8 750cc (1957)Ratier L7/8 750cc (1957)Ratier L7/8 750cc (1957)Ratier L7/8 750cc (1957)Ratier L7/8 750cc (1957)Ratier L7/8 750cc (1957)Ratier L7/8 750cc (1957)