Citroën DS21 semi-automatic (1972)

Classic Citroen DS in metallic gold (roof as well – sable metallisé) with brown leather interior. The car is sound and solid, rises up and drives well. Clutchless, four-speed, semi-automatic gearbox with starter on the gearlever.

The car is an original French car from Calvados in Normandy, so LHD. According to correspondence in the file it was intended for export to Canada – hence the slightly different location of auxiliary lights – but it was never actually exported. It was purchased by a chap in Sussex at the close of 2003, brought to the UK, MoTed in April 2004 and registered under its existing number in May 2004. It has had four keepers in the UK including myself and Mourton's Citroen Classic Cars in Yorkshire – both of us being dealers who used it themselves, in my case not very extensively. With me it has always been dry stored. The odometer reads a little over 99,000 kms, ie approx 62k miles.

I can supply extra pictures showing the car at its lowest and highest suspension setting as well as normal ride level along with videos of the engine bay with the engine running. Once at acceptable idle it picks up well, all warning lights go out, it changes gear smoothly (the semi auto is a thing of beauty if done properly), including reverse and stops as a Citroen DS should. It comes with a Gradulux rear window venetian blind which isn’t fitted and front and rear seatbelts which are. The radio worked when the aerial was attached but it has since come off (again by the looks of it).

In the last few years the car has had, inter alia, a new distributor, pretty much every dust cover/boot replaced, new coil, carb rebuilt, new accumulator and, most significantly, all four doors were removed and the bottoms replaced with fresh metal as was any rust in the chassis members and boot area (total cost more than £4.5k). The condition of the doors is, consequently, as you would expect. Besides these most recent jobs, the car has had the following significant work:

• 2007 it was partially restored on behalf of French Classics in Kent. The cost of approx £1,500 (from the handwritten summary in French) shows the work to have been more like a major service/overhaul plus full new exhaust, spheres and accumulator, headlamps, tyres, etc;
• 2009 it had electrical work at Andrew Brodie including an uprated alternator;
• 2010 it had a new clutch, remachined flywheel, new front brake discs, rebuilt front suspension and steering rack, all for approx £3,700 at Citroen Classics;
• 2012 the windscreen channel was repaired removing a corroded section.

In between those larger jobs, the car was also serviced regularly at (the now defunct) DS World in London and, subsequently, Pallas Auto in Kent. In short, there are invoices showing thousands spent on the car since coming to the UK and, more importantly, in recent years. There are also some invoices from the latter part of its previous life in France with work of over 1,000 euros in 2002 and 2003.

Current MoT until the end of November 2018 and it will of course not legally require one in future. In order to pass the last MoT it had to have two small plates welded onto the floorpan and then properly undersealed as well as a brake pipe replaced. There are thirteen previous MoT certificates in the file.

For sale as surplus to requirements. Contact Tony please.

Price - £21,850

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Citroën DS21 semi-automatic (1972)Citroën DS21 semi-automatic (1972)Citroën DS21 semi-automatic (1972)Citroën DS21 semi-automatic (1972)Citroën DS21 semi-automatic (1972)Citroën DS21 semi-automatic (1972)Citroën DS21 semi-automatic (1972)Citroën DS21 semi-automatic (1972)Citroën DS21 semi-automatic (1972)Citroën DS21 semi-automatic (1972)