Lanchester 11 (1937)

Beautifully mature 80 year old Lanchester 11, just as it should be---running well with a few ancient dents and comfortably worn inside.
Best to drive as it is.

It has a beautifully smooth Daimler pre-selector, semi-auto gearbox and a sweet-running engine. For some years it has been used by a local wedding company and has therefore been well maintained. The engine, gearbox and brakes were refurbished while in the possession of the Company and it has been fitted with a set of new cross-ply tyres. It is a part exchange car for one of our Bentleys and so is priced to sell.


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Lanchester 11 (1937)Lanchester 11 (1937)Lanchester 11 (1937)Lanchester 11 (1937)Lanchester 11 (1937)Lanchester 11 (1937)Lanchester 11 (1937)Lanchester 11 (1937)