Chevrolet 2 Door Coupe (1929)

This rare Chevrolet (darker than in Photos)has won two local awards and was the subject of a 6-page article in Classic American. It has one of the first 6 in-line Chevy engines which has just been rebuilt. It is in superb renovated condition. Running well and with new trafficators fitted, it now enables the safe driving of this 1920’s car under modern road conditions.

The car was an exhibit in an Ohio museum before being imported to the UK in 1989. Since then it has been enthusiastically maintained and improved by three owners. The above article was written in 1997 and covers all the features of the car in detail. The straight six Chevy ‘Stovebolt’ engine was used from 1929 to 1954 and is virtually bombproof as a reliable and powerful motor travelling the long distances over poor roads required in America in the 1920’s. This example of the pretty doctor’s coupe style must be one of the best around and should give a new owner many hours of trouble-free classic motoring.
It comes with an original Handbook, a Repair Manual, old MoTs, an original sales brochure which includes the Coupe and Valuation Certificates from the 1990’s and of course the Magazine article.


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Chevrolet 2 Door Coupe (1929)Chevrolet 2 Door Coupe (1929)Chevrolet 2 Door Coupe (1929)Chevrolet 2 Door Coupe (1929)Chevrolet 2 Door Coupe (1929)Chevrolet 2 Door Coupe (1929)Chevrolet 2 Door Coupe (1929)Chevrolet 2 Door Coupe (1929)Chevrolet 2 Door Coupe (1929)