MG Magnette ZB (1958)

A nice version of the later ZB Magnette in solid twilight grey with red interior. Repainted in the last few years and recently further improved. Excellent value.

We first sold this car in 2014 and were happy to take it back again as we knew it to be a sound and well looked after vehicle. The owner drove it over a hundred miles to us from his home on the north-east coast of England. Since he purchased the car from us he has carried out additional improvements including rechroming the front and rear bumpers and all four side strips and fitting a stainless steel exhaust, as well as having the track rod ends done. He also carried out further tidying work to the interior which now looks smart without being overdone and retains an element of patina.

This is a very sound, corrosion-free example which had been the subject of a professional respray at some point before we acquired it for the first time towards the end of 2013. Apart from the work described above, this car remains largely original and hasn’t for example, been converted to unleaded. It has had just over a handful of owners. As its recent journey demonstrates, it can be used straightaway while also continuing to be improved and cared for over time. It comes complete with a workshop manual and a nice period brochure, as well as the good registration number shown in the photographs. This actual car featured on the front cover of the MG Car Club Magnette Register modifications manual.

Prices of ZA/ZB Magnettes have been firming up in recent years. It is now unusual to see one at a dealer for under £10,000 which doesn’t require at least some work and the best examples are nudging £20k. For that reason alone, this example represents good value for money.

MoT exempt and historic tax class.


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MG Magnette ZB (1958)MG Magnette ZB (1958)MG Magnette ZB (1958)MG Magnette ZB (1958)MG Magnette ZB (1958)MG Magnette ZB (1958)