Standard 10 (1934)

This is an 82 year-old Oily-Rag time warp in good running condition. The car has been totally renovated mechanically but retains its original body paint, almost polished away in places, internal leather seats and a large working sunshine roof which slides back easily.

It was owned by one family all its life until 2014. When the first owner died it was kept by the family in the same garage in Croydon and purchased by a neighbour who renovated it sympathetically keeping its originality.
This renovation in 2015 included a total engine rebuild, brakes, electric wiring, the fitting of flashing indicators for safety and generally making it reliable and comfortable. Although so old the car is pleasingly nippy to drive. The body is charmingly antiquated with areas of mature surface rust which are well oiled to retain their rustic appeal. It’s everything a modern car is not while eminently drivable in modern traffic.
It comes with a the V5 (2 owners), some receipts, photographic record of renovation, original tools all correctly stowed in the back, handbook and a book on early Standard Cars. Ready to drive away.


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Standard 10 (1934)Standard 10 (1934)Standard 10 (1934)Standard 10 (1934)Standard 10 (1934)Standard 10 (1934)Standard 10 (1934)Standard 10 (1934)Standard 10 (1934)Standard 10 (1934)Standard 10 (1934)