Austin 12 Windsor Saloon (1929)

This stylish saloon is a totally original example of classic 1920’s icon. It has the larger 1861cc engine and better brakes of the later ones, has been mechanically refurbished and is comfortable to drive on modern roads. It recently won a Vintage Car award.

First registered in London 1929, this late-type Heavy Windsor Saloon was often referred to as a Burnham, but the factory description was as an ‘improved Windsor’ with its one-piece windscreen and over-hung front roof. (The Burnham was originally restricted to 6-cylinder cars but later included 4’s as well.) It has the correct colour combination of blue and black with blue interior and has clearly been carefully kept over the years. The correct functioning of the two twist- lights illuminating the dashboard , the pneumatic windscreen wipers, lack of traffic indicators and general lack of wear suggest the car has been stored for many years or in a museum.
The odometer reads only 29,999 miles and among the few documents with the car are a few MoTs showing progression from 16,736 in 1999 to 29,999 in 2005 again implying very low use before then. After this it remains at this mileage as presumably the effort in turning the ancient and tarnished odometer discs over to 30,000 was just too much for the delicate mechamism. The car has had 7 owners from Surrey to Sheerness and most latterly Newark.
There is no chrome-work; all the fittings are nickel which can be polished to rich deep shine. The wood is also polished and the leather is old but not torn. The fabric must have been re-done as it is too clean to be original. The carpets are newish and the running board might have been replaced over the years. The coachwork is all very solid with some age cracks which add to its charm. The engine is superb and the fuel supply Autovac system is working well. There are a few tools in the original ‘boot’ and an ancient, beautifully produced handbook.
This car is in use; a relic from the 1920’s still gracing our roads.


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Austin 12 Windsor Saloon (1929)Austin 12 Windsor Saloon (1929)Austin 12 Windsor Saloon (1929)Austin 12 Windsor Saloon (1929)Austin 12 Windsor Saloon (1929)Austin 12 Windsor Saloon (1929)Austin 12 Windsor Saloon (1929)Austin 12 Windsor Saloon (1929)Austin 12 Windsor Saloon (1929)Austin 12 Windsor Saloon (1929)Austin 12 Windsor Saloon (1929)